Which advantages can I expect from GFA’s service compared to a common bank?

The most obvious advantage is our independence. Our consultants are free to choose any product that suites the client’s investment strategy. As a result, each portfolio represents a customized investment-solution. Moreover we attach great importance to a personal relationship between the client and the consultant. For us, personal confidence and trust is key to a successful and long lasting partnership.
Do I have to face higher charges compared to a common bank’s offer?
No. However due to different product structures, an exact comparison of costs is difficult.  

I want to become a client of GFA? What do I have to do?

To become a client of GFA please contact us via our web form or don’t hesitate to call us directly (+41 44 212 10 00). It would give us great pleasure to make an appointment with you and welcome you at our offices at Zurich’s famous Bahnhofstrasse. At our first meeting we will analyse and discuss your financial situation as well as your style of investment. We will then work out your personal investment strategy by means of different models.
If our investment proposal meets your expectations, you will sign an asset-management-contract containing the scale of the mandate, the definition of the reference currency, the investment targets, the investment strategy as well as possible asset restrictions. In addition the type, periodicity and coverage of our frequent reporting and the amount such as the calculation basis of our compensation form part of the contract.

Will I have a say in the allocation of my assets?

Of course you will. We are very flexible and respond to your wishes, proposals and ideas. Generally, we will stick to our conjointly fixed investment strategy.

Will I get information about the value of my assets frequently?

Yes, you will receive our portfolio-reports periodically as well as an annual report.

Do I have to share profits with GFA?

No. We charge a fee based on the average value of your assets. In general, this fee is between 0.5 and 1.0 % p.a. 

How does GFA handle retrocessions?

Retrocessions are not consistently arranged. They vary from bank to bank and depend on the amount of the administrated assets. Normally, retrocessions are accredited to GFA. As a client, you can read up on those payments at any time. Also, individual agreements concerning retrocessions are possible.

Which securities will GFA guarantee?

As a member of VSV, the Association of Switzerland’s Independent Asset Managers, we enjoy an excellent reputation as a reliable institution. Our existence of 20 years vouches for a successful and conscientious service.

Is there minimal amount of asset value to become a client of GFA?

We recommend professional administration for assets bigger than 500’000 CHF, to grant an optimal allocation.

Which investment strategy does GFA apply?

GFA’s consultants corporately define a strategy, which is constantly reviewed in a dialogue with analysts and external market strategists. The outcome of this is an asset-universe being the basis for most of our investments. 
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