• Asset management for private clients
  • Investments in fungible securities, funds, derivatives, currencies, metals and commodities
  • Periodic reporting
  • Specific asset allocation
  • Support and solutions on inheritance
  • Procurement of trusts and companies
  • Account opening domestic and international

Your Advantage

As a client of GFA you will benefit from our long lasting experience and know-how in the field of asset management. Every client adviser has the ability to offer a unique and tailor-made investment concept. The choice of the specific investment concept is based on the clients individual needs and risk profile. These will be determined in the first interviews and builds the base of our investment decisions.
As an independent asset manager we are not focused on marketing financial products, the only aim of our work is to meet the targets and needs of our clients.

Another advantage is the consistent personal relation between the client and his adviser. This ensures a farsighted and persistent investment strategy.  With many of our customers we share a long lasting relation often over several generations.


Investment Strategies

Despite the individual approach, there are common asset allocation models, which take different return expectations and risk profiles into account.


Investment Models


The different investment models can be sectioned in above categories. On that basis we work out a strategy which is either targeting capital protection or earnings enhancement as well as all possible interstages, according to your preferences.

After we defined a strategy for you, we will work out an individual portfolio. The chosen risk/reward model is the guidance to which extend we invest in specific instruments.


Efficient Frontier


The efficient frontier model detects the portfolio combination with maximum return at a defined risk. The asset allocation in the models is a guiding value. The main goal of our advisory service is to find the right risk/return ratio.


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